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For over 20 years, our Qasar Al Murjan organization has been a market leader in the manufacture of Wristband. Our organization produces a wide range of wristbands. Qasar Al Murjan manufacture a wide range of wristbands such as Satin wristband, tyvek wristband, Cotton wristband, vinyl wristband, partying wristband, gate pass wristband, RFID wristband, cloth wristband, polyster wristband, silicon wristband, PVC wristband, plastic wristband, Key Chain wristband, sublimation wristband, Access wristband.

Our Qasar Al Murjan organization also provides Wristband printing services. All of our goods are high-quality, low-cost wristbands that are both attractive and comfortable to wear. As a wholesaler, our Qasar Al Murjan company selling this wristbands. We will deliver the things you request within 3 days, preferably within 5 days.

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Our Qasar Al Murjan organization will continue to supply you with services. Orders can be placed at any time.


Qasar Al Murjan organization has provided you with these services. We solely focuses on client satisfaction.


All of our Qasar Al Murjan company's items are of high quality and reasonably priced. We sell our items in wholesale prize.

Our Products




Lanyards have been manufactured by our organization for many years. Qasar Al Murjan produce a wide range of lanyards. Satin Lanyard, Edge to Edge Lanyard, Polyester Lanyard, Full Color Lanyard, Sublimation Lanyard, and Screen Printing Lanyard are some of the high-quality materials we manufacture. We also provide lanyard printing services.

PVC Strickers


PVC stickers are only intended for use indoor environment. Although they are extremely strong and waterproof, the ink used in the printing process is not weatherproof, so the elements can ruin their surface after a short period of time.

Paper Bag


A paper bag is a bag made of paper, most commonly packaging paper. To meet customer demands, paper bags can be made from virgin or recycled fibers. Paper bags are frequently used as shopping carrier bags and in the packaging of some consumer goods.

Stress Ball


Our organization has been a specialist in stress ball printing. We printing stress balls in a variety of shapes and sizes for many years. All of our stress ball printing is of excellent quality and reasonably priced. We can also print your preferred image and text on stress balls.

Gift Box


QasarAl Murjan has been selling gift box cutting machines for many years and has a thorough understanding of the industry. Gift boxes are a popular type of packaging in the industry. Consumption is increasing, consumers are accepting gift boxes more frequently, market prospects are improving, and there are an increasing number of manufacturers.



Screen printing is the process of printing on balloons. In screen printing, the colors of a print are printed separately, one at a time, on the balloon to create the final image. While you cannot directly print on a balloon, you can transfer images and designs using tattoo paper.

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