Satin Wristband


Qasar al murjan specialized in manufacture of satin wristband. This wristband is help to identification of a group for a variety of shows. The satin wristband is a one-time use product. We provide printing service in the satin wristband. We are using sublimation printing technology to print. Sublimation printing help to print single color print, two color print and multi color print. This band is employed in a variety of situations, including school, events, and exhibitions. Our organization has been selling these wristbands on a wholesale basis. We also print the brand and text you require on those wristbands in a fashionable way.

← Features →

Quality :

This satin wristbands is made to a high standard by our organization. Despite the fact that this wristbands is only for one time usage, we provide it to you as a quality. This wristbands is smooth and comfy to wear.

Printing :

On this satin wristbands, our business prints everything you need. We are using sublimation printing technology. Our company prints on this wristbands on both one and both sides. On this wristbands, we additionally print your company logo and brand name.

Size :

This wristbands is available in a range of sizes from our organization. We will prepare in the sizes that you require. We produce this wristbands in sizes ranging from children to adults.

Color :

This wristbands is available in a variety of colors. We create this wristbands in the colors you specify. We also do this for you in Multi Colors with this Satin Wristband.

← Usage →

We're using sublimation to print this satin wristbands. This satin fabric bracelet is likewise suitable for both single and multi-day use. You may also give this wristbands as a present to family or friends.

How its work


Step 1

First and foremost, if you have the design, we will receive it. Alternatively, if not, the designs you expect will be created and delivered by a designer at our company.

Step 2

We will make a sample Wristband of the wristband you have chosen and send it to you within an hour, after which you can order it if you are satisfied.

Step 3

After you place your order, we will prepare it and, after passing our company's quality checkers to check your products and then, we will allocating it to you.

Step 4

We will deliver within a minimum of two days and a maximum of four days. To your satisfaction, we make all of our products of high quality and at a Wholesale price.

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